A New York Native currently residing in Asbury Park, New Jersey, Natasha has taken her years of experience as a wedding singer and started her own group, The Wright Trio. The Wright Trio performs at weddings, cocktails hours, coorporate events, and lounges. The group was formed in November of 2014 when Natasha decided to team up with her long-time friend and bass player, Mike Noordzy and guitarist, Sean Villere. Over her years performing as a wedding singer Natasha has covered many artisits including Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Patsy Cline, Celine Dion,  Lady Gaga,  Thelma Houston and Beyonce. Some of Natasha’s favorite artists to cover are Sade, Peggy Lee, Ingrid Michaleson, Amy Whinehouse, Corrine Baily Rae and Adele. These classic and contemporary artisits are the inspiration for the sound that Natasha brings to The Wright Trio.
The Beginning 
Natasha enjoyed performing and singing at a very young age, particiapting in talent shows, local events, community theater  and church chior.  It wasn’t until the year 2000 when she began voice lessons with Jeffery Richards (the late band leader of the popular wedding band, The Fuzzpops) that she learned to enhance her natural talent and love for  singing.  With  Jeffery’s guidance and support, by the time Natasha was eighteen she was regularly singing at private events and weddings. In 2002 Natasha became a full time member with The Fuzzpops, performing at venues all around the Tristate Area as one of the band’s lead female vocalist. In 2007 Natasha auditioned for (and made it through) the first round of American Idol in Baltimore, Maryland. Throughout her college years Natasha also worked with numerous producers as a reference singer for songs sold to major artists.  She has most recently worked with Tony Lewis of HighVoltage Music on a project used for The Howard Stern Show. While completing both her undergradute and masters degrees Natasha continued to sing with additional bands and agencies includling Hank Lane Agency, Mission Dance, The Party Shop, The Good Life  and Brian Kirk and the Jirks.